Blender Game Making Competition (BGMC)

The BGMC is a competition that takes place every few months in which passionate Blender game developers must create a game based on the current competition's criteria. There is a theme that has either been voted for or one that the competition host has chosen. There is only one week to develop a game for this competition and points may be deducted for being late. All the games below which I have made for the BGMC were made in one week or less and the The Escapism was made in about five days.

BGMC 20 - Air Superiority

Theme: Flight

Dominate the skies in a fighter jet and shoot down the enemy or get shot down.

This game placed 4th.

BGMC 22 - Every Man's Sky

Theme: Exploration

Explore the never ending low-poly universe and discover planets never before discovered.

"Wander from planet to planet, scanning and analysing. This game scored 5/5 for the theme, and received positive comments such as 'Great UI, sound and technically very impressive.'"
- BGMC 22 Judges

This game placed 3rd.

BGMC 23 - City of Time

Theme: Tell a Story

You find yourself inside the walls of an ancient and crumbling city. You find twenty six monuments scattered all around you. They will help you learn the story of what happened to the city. Stay out of the sun and eat lots of cactus.

This game placed 2nd.

BGMC 24 - The Escapism

Theme: Escape

To escape from the room you must solve the riddle and find the item in the room which is the answer to the riddle. Put the object in the "Deposit Box" to open the door.

This game placed 3rd.

BGMC 25 - Ant Panic!

Theme: Micro world

A tower defense game in which you must add towers to strategic locations in order to protect the picnic snacks from hungry bugs.

This game got 1st place.

Weekly Nano Game (WNG)

The Weekly Nano Game competition was designed to be like a short BGMC and to take place about once a week. There have been several of these mini competitions but I only took part in the first one so far. The challenge of making a game for this competition is the fact that you have only four hours to make the game.

WNG 1 - Dight Ball

The theme of this competition was Black and White. Jump from platform to platform and don't fall off. Each time you jump the speed gets faster and faster so the game becomes more difficult as you progress.

This game was made in 4.5 hours.

WNG 4 - Speed Farrow

The theme of this competition was Fast. Avoid the blocks and collect gems for bonus points to try to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

This game was made in 3.5 hours.

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